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I-21020 Monvalle (VA) - ITALY

The production process is organized al follows:

Design Labs: in out modern research, testing and control labs, we continue our research for the most efficient production systems and for more resistant and long-lasting materials; as a result our work has produced higly experienced and specialized levels in a variety of technological sectors;
Tool Maker Division: is equiped with digitally controlled machines that produce dies for plastic, rubber and metal, specialized machines, and maintainance equipment;
Extrusion Division: where we produce pipes, rigid and flexible plastic profiles, and our most recent product: a complete line of flat plates and belts for chiken-manure collection.
Injection Division: includes several injection machines for plastic materials;
Lathes Division: is fully automated and equiped with high precision and lathes, some of which digitally controlled, for manufacturing stainless steel valves and nipples;
Robotics Division: includes fully automated and digitally controlled machines as well as quality control system and in-line testing that automatically identifies the pieces that do not satisfy the specified parameters.



The factory operates 24 hours a day and is run by qualified individuals who adhere to a Quality Assurance Service program and follow rigorous control methods to ensure a consistent production process and maintain the highest standards of quality.